Welcome To OnPoint Academy

OnPoint Hoops Academy places an emphasis on developing lifelong habits of physical fitness, sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal growth in a positive and safe environment. OnPoint Hoops Academy is committed to developing and promoting the ideas of responsibility, hard work, dedication, and perseverance so players learn the true meaning of being an athlete.

– Coach Jonathan Reed


Basketball Player Development

OnPoint Academy is fully committed to assisting our athletes in their basketball skill set and overall knowledge of the game.  Our program consists of individual, small group and team training sessions; strength, speed and agility training to improve explosiveness and athleticism; film sessions and a competitive schedule.

Academic Assistance/Career Coaching

OnPoint Academy urges our athletes to be mindful of their academic responsibilities.  We offer assistance with this by providing, if needed, high school classes, ACT preparation class and college courses.  All athletes must be active in our leadership, life skills and career development courses in order to participate in our program.

Our Process

  • Athletic Development
  • Skills Development
  • Personal Development

OnPoint Hoops staff and coaches understand the impact that lack of conditioning and consistent training can have on even the most skilled athletes.  With this in mind, we promote healthy lifestyle choices within the program that begin with nutritional focus and end with physical conditioning; and everything in between – mental conditioning, endurance, proper stretching techniques, warm-up/cool-down, breathing techniques, and muscle development.

The OnPoint Hoops Academy basketball team competes a high level consisting of NJCAA regular season games and national prep contests around the country.  Our athletics are designed to enhance college recruiting opportunities and prepare our students for collegiate athletics.

OnPoint Hoops Academy promotes community service, leadership, ethics, integrity, discipline, and a multitude of other positive character traits that transition into positive behaviors.  We inspire intangibles that are defined as the true measure of a man.”

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